Business Intelligence
that's actually

Let anyone on your team answer even the most complex data questions. Accurately and in minutes.

You'll be in great company

Answer complex ad-hoc questions in minutes

Accurately answer any data question with zero code

Most good questions don't have a ready-made dashboard for them.

Supersimple helps anyone on the team quickly and reliably answer even the most complex questions.

Built specifically for B2B SaaS companies

Understand customer behaviour, churn, feature adoption, net revenue retention & everything else that matters. In a few clicks.

What I love about Supersimple is that it lives up to its name. We're trying to help our employees and customers make better decisions, not configure charts and queries. Supersimple stands out by making it obvious how it came by the insights it's sharing and making the user experience of double clicking on that as easy as ABC.

Tuomo Laine, CEO @ TWICE

AI copilot

Getting to insights, made easy

Our powerful artificial intelligence models work together to deliver insights

Answer questions using plain English

Type in your question, and Supersimple's AI puts together a brand-new data exploration for you, in seconds.

AI-generated data insights

Our Insight Engine continuously tests thousands of hypotheses about your business, and notifies the right person in your team with its findings.

Use cases by team

Data teams use Supersimple to empower everyone to answer their own data questions.

Product teams make better decisions by using Supersimple to deeply understand how their customers behave.


Remarkably powerful, ridiculously simple

Data Exploration

Answer complex ad-hoc questions in minutes, not days.

No code required

Technical or not, Supersimple works for you.

AI-generated Insights

Augment your team by having our AI do the dirty work.

Quick setup

Get started and exploring your data in minutes, not months.

Your data is yours

Supersimple does not store your data – it stays in your data warehouse.

Semantic Layer

Define concepts like "onboarded customer" once; use everywhere.

Explainable AI

Supersimple's AI shows its work, meaning you can always rely on its results.

API to Power Your Data Apps

Build out your customer-facing reporting faster & cheaper.

Supersimple is the most unique take on analytics I've seen in some time. It hits the nail on the head with where most of the pain points I've felt since I've worked in the data space have been.

Being able to codify business definitions and to easily build insights off of them is a really hard thing to do well.

- Data Platform Engineer @ Series C developer platform