Self-service BI for modern data teams

Free up your data team to focus on the strategic work
Get everyone to answer their own ad-hoc questions

Built for complex ad-hoc questions.

Supersimple lets teams quickly and correctly get answers to their pressing questions. Building dashboards is not the goal.

No-code steps to do anything

Supersimple’s no-code data exploration blocks lets anyone answer the vast majority of questions (even complex ones) in a couple of clicks.

Concepts like database joins are replaced by semantic steps.

• Want to see a single user’s latest transactions? Hit Jump to Transactions”.
• Looking for the active user count for each company? Open up a list of companies and hit “New Column”.

Question-answering AI that fully explains its work

Ask our AI for any kind of data in plain English and get a beautiful report with every step explained in the same no-code steps.

Edit or go deeper with a few clicks, or just ask the AI again.

The AI also uses knowledge about how everyone else on your team uses data, how you've defined your metrics and any concepts it's seen in other reports.

Reuse gold standard definitions

Supersimple's semantic search makes finding the right data models easy. Our AI helps users reuse logic from existing reports.

This means quicker answers, less duplicate work and greatly improved maintainability.

Flexibility to go custom

Supersimple's formulas give you the comfortable feeling of Excel, right in your database.

Or you can break out of the no-code workflow entirely.

Jump back and forth between our no-code UI, built-in SQL blocks and Jupyter notebooks via our Python library.

Security and control

Supersimple is SOC 2 compliant.

We don't store your data. Everything stays put inside your data warehouse.

Give everyone access to just the data models they need.

"Supersimple is the most unique take on analytics I've seen in some time. It hits the nail on the head with where most of the pain points I've felt since I've worked in the data space have been.

Being able to codify business definitions and being able to easily build insights off of them is a really hard thing to do well."

- Data Platform Engineer @ Series C developer platform

Trusted by companies just like yours

Self-service that your entire team can rely on

Data modeling layer for accurate core definitions

The Semantic Layer makes sure everyone has access to reliable data while giving the data team a single source of truth that lives in Git.

This gives you complete control over your data and what's surfaced to the broader team.

Supersimple's data models let you transform data as well as define all of the relationships between data models – once.

Empower everyone to answer their own questions

The role of a data team should be to empower others to use data, not just to engage in constant firefighting.

Supersimple lets anyone iteratively answer complex ad-hoc data questions in minutes, with zero code.

More questions asked means uncovering more insights while letting the data team focus on the strategic work.

Compared to

Legacy BI tools

Most of the value in data comes from exploration and ad-hoc questions, not KPI dashboards. This is where traditional business intelligence tools fall short.

Supersimple was built natively for modern data warehouses to accurately answer specific questions, instead of designing dashboards.

At the same time, it gives you everything you'd expect from a modern BI tool like collaboration tooling, beautiful dashboards, easy-to-setup alerts, an API and more.

Compared to

Product analytics tools

Analytics tools offer a siloed, event-centric view of the world. While events are useful, deep insights often come from combining different database entities and events together.

Supersimple combines the purpose-built ease-of-use of product analytics tools with the power of the more flexible business intelligence tools.

Not having to ask the engineering team for app-side tracking of most things means less time spent and more reliable insights – powered by the data you already have in your databases.

Compared to

Text-to-SQL tools

Supersimple is extremely powerful without ever using its AI. At the same time, our state-of-the-art natural language AIs let you reliably answer complex questions using plain English.

Unlike other tools, our AI doesn't generate SQL or Python to answer questions. Instead, it interacts with the platform just like you would. You'll always know and see exactly what the AI does.

When you need to, you can always change its work or go deeper – with a few clicks or, again, using plain English. No hidden AI hallucinations, anywhere.

Works with your data stack

If you've got a database or data warehouse, Supersimple will work with it. No matter how messy the original data.

Your data stays put

Supersimple doesn't store your data. Every question is answered by constructing queries straight to your data warehouse.

Works with the tools you already have

Using dbt to restructure or clean up things? Great.

Not using anything yet? Use our Semantic Layer to make your data ready for teammates to use.


Remarkably powerful, ridiculously simple

Data Exploration

Answer complex ad-hoc questions in minutes, not days.

No code required

Technical or not, Supersimple works for you.

AI-generated Insights

Augment your team by having our AI do the dirty work.

Quick setup

Get started and exploring your data in minutes, not months.

Your data is yours

Supersimple does not store your data – it stays in your data warehouse.

Semantic Layer

Define concepts like "onboarded customer" once; use everywhere.

Explainable AI

Supersimple's AI shows its work, meaning you can always rely on its results.

API to Power Your Data Apps

Build out your customer-facing reporting faster & cheaper.