Build customer-facing reporting in hours.

Ship rich customer-facing data & reporting experiences 10x quicker on top of Supersimple's APIs.

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Reuse, recycle, reduce

Make sure the numbers add up by using the same core definitions from your Supersimple Semantic Layer.

Focus on your product

Leave database quirks & complex CTEs to Supersimple. Focus on your core business, and ship a sleek UI for the reports.

Remarkably powerful.
Ridiculously simple.

Use the same APIs that power Supersimple's core platform to build reporting suites to satisfy even your pickiest enterprise customers.

Embedded analytics – in hours and days, not months and years.

Connect straight to your database

Supersimple does not store your data, and can hook up straight to your database or data warehouse.

Avoid all of the pitfalls

Declaratively define what you want the reports to achieve. Effortlessly bake in interactive data exploration. WIthout becoming an expert in building data tools, and without solving all of the related problems yourself.

Accurate core definitions

The unified Semantic Layer makes sure your customers get reliable reporting while removing the need for duplicate setup work.

Trusted by companies just like yours

Works with your data stack

If you've got a database or data warehouse, Supersimple will work with it. No matter how messy the original data.

Your data stays put

Supersimple doesn't store your data. Every question is answered by constructing queries straight to your data warehouse.

Works with the tools you already have

Using dbt to restructure or clean up things? Great.

Not using anything yet? Use our Semantic Layer to make your data ready for teammates to use.