Platform overview

The B2B SaaS
data platform

Designed for companies just like yours. Supersimple helps you make better decisions using the data you've already got.

Go past dashboards, and keep going

Most of the value in your data is hidden far deeper than a static dashboard can cover.

Supersimple helps non-analysts quickly and reliably answer complex business questions.

Always be on the same page

Define once, use everywhere.

Our Semantic Layer makes sure everybody uses the same definitions and uses your data the same way.

True self-serve

Whether you're non-technical or you literally invented SQL, Supersimple works for you.

Never start from a blank page

Iterate and build on top of your team's prior work to test any hypothesis you may have.

Know what things mean

Explorations on Supersimple are just a sequence of no-code steps taken. This means anyone can understand where things come from, and to explore further.

Accurate core definitions

The Semantic Layer removes complexity from users while giving the data team a single source of truth that lives in Git.

Trusted by companies just like yours
For teams

Collaborate across functions

Company-wide metrics

Measure progress with metrics you can trust

Understand where each number comes from, and drill down deeper

Sales & Customer Success

Identify product-qualified customers to reach out to

Improve onboarding by keeping an eye on product adoption

Set up custom notifications to prevent churn

Get the required context to help with support issues

Product teams

Answer ad-hoc questions, and explore data freely

Use plain English or a few no-code steps

Go past event data to understand the full picture

Track customer behaviour and product usage

A shared data model makes sure your results are reliable

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Data teams

Build a reliable, version-controlled data model for the entire company

Free up time to work on strategic initiatives, not just ad-hoc requests

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Built for fast-growing B2B SaaS companies

We believe you have better things to do than teaching your data platform what "retention" is. Supersimple has you covered.

You weren't born to configure charts

Supersimple ships with intuitive tools to understand the most common questions B2B SaaS teams have.

Understand customer behaviour

Customer behaviour is at the core of most things that matter for you. For product, sales or customer success – Supersimple enables anyone on your team to understand your customers, at scale.

Power your customer-facing reports

Customers asking for more powerful reports in your product? Reuse the work you've already done, and use Supersimple's analytics APIs to build reporting products 10x faster.

Works with your data stack

If you've got a database or data warehouse, Supersimple will work with it. No matter how messy the original data.

Your data stays put

Supersimple doesn't store your data. Every question is answered by constructing queries straight to your data warehouse.

Works with the tools you already have

Using dbt to restructure or clean up things? Great.

Not using anything yet? Use our Semantic Layer to make your data ready for teammates to use.


Remarkably powerful, ridiculously simple

Data Exploration

Answer complex ad-hoc questions in minutes, not days.

No code required

Technical or not, Supersimple works for you.

AI-generated Insights

Augment your team by having our AI do the dirty work.

Quick setup

Get started and exploring your data in minutes, not months.

Your data is yours

Supersimple does not store your data – it stays in your data warehouse.

Semantic Layer

Define concepts like "onboarded customer" once; use everywhere.

Explainable AI

Supersimple's AI shows its work, meaning you can always rely on its results.

API to Power Your Data Apps

Build out your customer-facing reporting faster & cheaper.

Your very own data copilot

An AI data scientist to amplify your impact

Supersimple's AI makes it feel like you just 100x'd your data team. Without scaling up costs or organizational complexity.

Ask questions in plain English. No hallucinations included.

State what you're looking for, and a brand-new report is in your hands a second later.

The kicker? No hidden AI hallucinations.

Instead of explaining the report with a hundred lines of SQL, our AI uses our own product to show you exactly what it did to get there. No code-reading skills required.

More hypotheses than grains of sand? Sorted.

There are far too many good questions for humans to handle.

Like a thousand data scientists in your pocket, Supersimple continuously checks thousands of different hypotheses about your business.

When we find something, we'll ping the right person on your team, giving them all of the context.

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