Data security

Supersimple is SOC 2 compliant. On request, we can share an overview of the technical and organizational measures in place for ensuring data security, as well as audit reports: security@supersimple.io.

Supersimple does not store your data

Query results are never saved by Supersimple, and Supersimple only uses a read-only connection.

Your data is never shared with third parties.

Connection credentials are stored separately and securely, encrypted both in-transit and at-rest.

Appropriate organizational and technical controls are in place to ensure data security and integrity.

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Set access controls within your team

Supersimple lets you limit access rights to sensitive data to specific teams or team members.

Based on what data is required for your data platform setup, we encourage customers to grant their Supersimple instance the least possible data access rights.

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Works with your data stack

If you've got a database or data warehouse, Supersimple will work with it. No matter how messy the original data.

Your data stays put

Supersimple doesn't store your data. Every question is answered by constructing queries straight to your data warehouse.

Works with the tools you already have

Using dbt to restructure or clean up things? Great.

Not using anything yet? Use our Semantic Layer to make your data ready for teammates to use.