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State of the art AI that explains its work

Powerful AI that explains its work. Always.

No more hidden hallucinations. No more friction.

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AI searches through your entire data catalog to make sure you don't create duplicate reports, and reuses any logic used by your teammates.

To be human-friendly and explainable, Supersimple's AI doesn't generate code. Instead, it interacts with the platform like you and your team do.

Results that you can rely on

Every little step the AI took is explained using a no-code block in the sidebar.

The perfect report

For any question you have, the AI puts together a brand-new exploration with the data you need.

If it's awesome, you might want to share it with your team – just copy the link. Even more awesome? Save it for the entire team.

Go deeper

A pretty report is not the end. Ask follow-up questions and test your hypotheses.

Click around or ask our AI – always use the comfiest tool for the job. Natural language isn't always the answer.

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Works with your data stack

If you've got a database or data warehouse, Supersimple will work with it. No matter how messy the original data.

Your data stays put

Supersimple doesn't store your data. Every question is answered by constructing queries straight to your data warehouse.

Works with the tools you already have

Using dbt to restructure or clean up things? Great.

Not using anything yet? Use our Semantic Layer to make your data ready for teammates to use.