Deeply understand your customers' behaviour

Quickly and accurately answer any question about your product, business and customers – without asking engineers for help.

"What I love about Supersimple is that it lives up to its name. We're trying to help our employees and customers make better decisions, not configure charts and queries. Supersimple stands out by making it obvious how it came by the insights it's sharing and making the user experience of double clicking on that as easy as ABC."

Tuomo Laine, CEO @ TWICE

Increase customer retention

Understand and quantify the "aha moments" and usage trends that make your users stick around.

Build a product that's truly loved, and reap the rewards.

Make better prioritization decisions

Understand how each feature is used and how it affects your customers' future behaviour.

Instead of shooting in the dark, back up the bets you're making with real data.

Measure progress towards your team's goals

Never again ask someone to "pull a report" for you.

Always stay up to date with how you're progressing while using reliable data straight from your data warehouse.

Collaborate with the rest of the team

Share a link to instantly pull anyone into the data you're looking at.

Trusted by companies just like yours

Built for complex ad-hoc questions.

Supersimple lets teams quickly and correctly get answers to their pressing questions. Building dashboards is not the goal.

Do anything with zero code

Supersimple’s no-code data exploration blocks lets anyone answer any ad-hoc question they have in a couple of clicks.

Instead of worrying about database terms like joins, subqueries and CTEs, Supersimple lets you work using simple, semantic steps.

• Want to see a single user’s latest transactions? Hit Jump to Transactions”.
• Looking for the active user count for each company? Open up a list of companies and hit “New Column”.
• Trying to get a status report of an account? Open its detail view.

Ask questions in plain English

Ask our AI for any kind of data in plain English and get a beautiful report with every step explained in the same no-code steps.

Edit or go deeper with a few clicks, or just ask the AI again.

The AI also uses knowledge about how everyone else on your team uses data, how you've defined your metrics and e concept it's seen in other reports.

Everything the AI does is laid out using our no-code data exploration steps, letting you fully understand and trust the data you get back.


Remarkably powerful, ridiculously simple

Data Exploration

Answer complex ad-hoc questions in minutes, not days.

No code required

Technical or not, Supersimple works for you.

AI-generated Insights

Augment your team by having our AI do the dirty work.

Quick setup

Get started and exploring your data in minutes, not months.

Your data is yours

Supersimple does not store your data – it stays in your data warehouse.

Semantic Layer

Define concepts like "onboarded customer" once; use everywhere.

Explainable AI

Supersimple's AI shows its work, meaning you can always rely on its results.

API to Power Your Data Apps

Build out your customer-facing reporting faster & cheaper.