To support the delivery of our services, Supersimple may engage and use data processors with access to certain personal data.

Types of sub-processors

Supersimple has two types of personal data sub-processors:

First, those that directly power our product, meaning they may be used to process the data that you query through Supersimple. These sub-processors do not store this data, and it is an incredibly short list.

Secondly, those that we use to provide a better service, to catch bugs and to communicate with you. These may have access to data about how you use Supersimple, as well as your contact details.

Primary sub-processors

These third-party vendors are critical to powering our product offering, and may process the data that you query through Supersimple.

The sub-processors do not store the raw data that is returned from customer databases.

  • Google Cloud
    • Location: Europe (multi-region)
    • Purpose: cloud hosting and storage
    • Types of data: queries you perform and their results (which may include personal data depending on your setup); email, name, IP and in-app behaviour of Supersimple users

Secondary sub-processors

These third-party vendors do not process any of the queries and thus don't have access to your data. They may, however, be used to process the emails, names, IPs and in-app behaviour of Supersimple users.

These services may process the names, emails and IP addresses of Supersimple users and/or website visitors.

  • Google Workspace (internal operations, EU)
  • Intercom (customer support communications, USA)
  • Google Analytics (website traffic analytics, USA and EU)
  • Sentry (detecting and resolving errors, USA)
  • Slack (internal communications, USA)
  • Webflow (forms submitted through the website, USA)